Our Top Ten FREE Droid Apps

30 Nov


With an ever-expanding list of available apps to grab on your Droid phone, it can be difficult to know what you should use.  Your friends at Express Wireless in Enfield, CT have made it easier. Here is a list of our top ten must have downloads.

1. Advanced Task Killer  

Ok, start with the basics.  Created by ReChild, Task Killer is a free app that monitors what is running on your phone. It shuts down certain items for you so that your phone continues to run quickly and your battery lasts longer.

2. Antivirus


We all know it’s important to protect our computers from viruses and malware, however, are you doing the same for your smartphone? AVG droidSecurity created an antivirus will automatically scan all of your downloads, current phone files, settings, and much more. This one is highly recommended by the staff at Express Wireless.

3. Angry Birds

Ok, we have to admit it, we have been bitten by the Angry Birds Fever. It is the hottest game out right now. There is nothing like launching enraged birds at thieving pigs to destroy their towers and earn points. The creators at Rovio Mobile hit the pig on the head with this one! Download with caution, it is HIGHLY addictive.

4. Google Sky Map

Open this app to see the stars from a different view. It is a real-time pocket guide to exactly what you are looking at in the sky. Just hold and point toward the area you are looking at and Google Sky Map with inform you of the stars and constellations above you based on your GPS location.

5. Google Shopper

Your best shopping pal! Search for products based on their bar codes or an image of you snap of the packaging. You can even look up a product by voice! Google will research all the information regarding the best deals for that product and consumer reviews. Share your findings with friends right from the app!  Or for anyone who works in retail, like us at Express Wireless, it makes it easy for us to not only shop but, but to keep up with any specials offered by competitors so we can always offer the best deal.

6. Action Complete

 The ultimate in organization customization! Action Complete lets you input your to-do list and this app will remind you based on your location. When you are near work, it will remind you of your meetings for the day or on your way home it can remind you to grab gas. If you’re not looking for something quite as high-tech, another good source is OnePunch Notes that you can use to post sticky notes right on your screen. Either way, you can stay on top of every thing with these great Droid apps.

7. Key Ring

Don’t you love having all those savings and club cards on conveniently on your key chain so that they get beat up until you can no longer scan them. Yup, it’s great how they make your keys so bulky they won’t even fit in your pocket. What a pleasant surprise to find an app that can save all that information for you. Key Ring lets you scan the cards in and the next time you’re at the store, they can scan your club card right off the phone’s screen! Huge time saver to not to have to rummage around until you pull up the right card for the store you’re in.

8. Mp3 Downloader Pro

A music app that lets you preview and download all your favorite tunes. You can play them as  a track or set them as your ringtone. The Mp3 Downloader Pro app provides you with multiple search engines so you’ll always find something you love and have your phone singing you the sweetest tunes!

9. TiKL Touch to Talk

Free walkie talkie service for any one who owns a Droid! If any of your friends or you have this app, you can quickly connect to get your message across. TiKL is great if you find yourself with less of a voice connection or if you are low on your minutes left for the month. Privacy controls can be set to prevent unwanted interruptions. But, overall a great tool.

10. Backgrounds

Just a really simple way to keep your phone exciting. The Backgrounds app is filled an enormous array of backgrounds to choose from so your phone can display any season, holiday, theme or picture you want.

There you have it, the top apps Express Wireless is using right now. If you have any questions or are trying to find something to meet your specific needs, stop in at 549 Hazard Ave in Enfield, CT 06082 or call (860) 749-7077 and we will be happy to track down the best tool for you and your Droid phone.

-Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless in CT


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