It’s Better To Shop With Us

08 Dec

Express Wireless is a locally owned authorized Verizon retailer. What does that mean? We are not owned by Verizon, we have a local network of four stores that work together to provide Verizon Wireless products and services to our customers. What we lack in size we make up in efficiency. At Express Wireless, we pride ourselves on our wonderful customer service. We are always willing to go the extra mile and try to ensure that every one of our customers leaves happy. We will never treat you as a number, Express Wireless is interested in knowing the people that come into our stores. The better relationship we have with the people of the community the more we can contribute and better serve each individual.

I understand it seems like you are getting a better deal at a big box store but, most of the time they are just good at concealing hidden costs. With Express Wireless, there are never hidden fees. Regardless of what the other stores are offering we can usually match or exceed thier low prices. Express never charges early upgrade fees and phonebook and photo transfers are free if you get your new phone with us. We do not charge for bluetooth pairing or tutorials on your new devices. These are all costs that you will find in other places. Express Wireless wants our customers to have a good shopping experience.

I, like the other employees at Express Wireless, know my customers. When people arrive at the store, it’s not just a sale. We are excited to continue to meet new people in our communities: Vernon, Stafford, Ellington, and Enfield, Connecticut. Stop by and see what we can do for you.

-Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless


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