How To Use Backup Assistant

15 Dec

Backup Assistant is a free program offered by Verizon Wireless that saves a copy of your cell phones contact list on a secure site. Then, when you break, lose, or upgrade your phone, you can easily recover your phone numbers to the new device wirelessly! Here at Express Wireless we have all had customers who have been unable to retrieve their contact lists. It can be very frustrating to have to try to find those numbers again or reenter them from memory.  With this program, you will not lose you contacts again. You can even view, print, edit, or delete contacts right from your computer and the changes can be sent right to your mobile phone.

Almost all of the phones that we are currently carrying at Express Wireless have the ability to run this program. We encourage you set this up on your device because it is the most reliable way to protect your information from being lost. Not only that, many Verizon stores are discontinuing their phonebook transfers through our machines. This means, the primary option of moving your information will be through Backup Assistant. Best reason of all, you will not be charged for the program or for a store to transfer your phone numbers for you.

How do you get Backup Assistant? Easy!

  • Press Menu
  • Go to Media Center
  • Select Browse and Download
  • You may see Backup Assistant on this page, if so, select it. Or select Get New Applications.
  • Select Get Going, there you should see the option to download Backup Assistant.
  • Wait for the program to download and press OK on its main screen .
  • Choose a PIN , Express Wireless recommends 4 zeros. This way, if you forget we can still access it for you.
  • Choose a day time for your phone to run Backup Assistant to sync with any changes.
  • Press Next to Begin your first backup.

Once it is established, you can manage your contacts online at the Verizon Wireless site.

You can also stop into any of our Express Verizon Wireless stores in Enfield, Vernon, Ellington or Stafford Connecticut and we will happily set up Backup Assistant for you!

– Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless


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