Be Advised Of Premium Messaging

16 Dec

Have you ever seen those commercials stating “text ### to 55555 for free ringtones”? Viewer beware, there is fine print at the bottom of the ads. Try to look into what their terms are before accepting the offer. What many of these companies do is subscribe you to receive messages from them every month. If it is a monthly subscription, premium messaging systems charge you between $1.00 to  $10.00/ month. The Express Wireless team would like to give you some information on premium messaging so you know what to look for if you wish to avoid these charges.

How do you get premium messaging?

  • Interactive voting during TV shows
  • Purchase of content such as ringtones or wallpapers
  • Weather alerts, sport score alerts, horoscopes, etc.
  • Trivia subscriptions
  • Sign up to receive a certain amount of ringtones or other content per month
  • Websites that request your cell phone number to “get results” of a quiz

How do you know if you are signed up for a premium message service?

  • If you are receiving text messages from a four to six digit phone number it may be a premium messaging service. This does not include messages sent from Verizon Wireless letting you know about plan changes or account information.

How do you stop a subscription?

  • When you receive a message from the service write down the number that it was sent to your phone from
  • Compose a new text message on the cell phone that is receiving the unwanted messages
  • Make the text message addressed to the same 4 to 6 digit number that you wrote down
  • In the body of the message type stop. If your phone is set up to include a personalized signature with your text messages, turn it off before sending.
  • Send the message to the 4 to 6 digit number.
  • You should receive one last message from the premium message service stating that your subscription has been ended.

If you wish to prevent premium messaging on your phone lines we can place a block to prevent unwanted charges. For any additional help, stop in to any of our locations in Enfield, Stafford, Ellington or Vernon Connecticut.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless


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