Express Wireless Helps You Reach Your Resolution

31 Dec

The Express Wireless team would like to wish a happy and safe New Year celebration to you!

Start your year right by committing to your resolution. A Droid smartphone can help you complete any task you set in front of you. Looking at the most common New Year resolutions I will demonstrate what the Droid can do for you.

Get Organized and Stay Focused

Checkitoff is a free app that allows you to streamline your tasks. You can organize to-dos by due date, category and priority. Set reminders and use home screen widgets to keep upcoming tasks on your radar. A space where you can organize all that you want to accomplish and the program will help you follow through.

Get Out Of Debt 


Not only can you find apps to help you manage your bill payments on time and assist you with calculations to finish paying off a debt but there is also a great free app to help you spend less. Money Tips shows you everyday tips to spend less while still doing the things you love. Keep these tips in mind when you want to save some cash.

Quit Smoking

QuitNow! is an amazing tool that helps to guide you through the quitting process. It will display the days you have gone without smoking, the money and time you have saved, and quitting tips. As shown in the picture above it will even show you 9 aspects of your help that you will gradually see improving.

Get In Shape

MyFitnessPal is your all-in-one spot to manage your weight loss. Track your calorie intake, the foods you should eat and fat burned through exercise. There are even more free tools on their website that you can access right from your phone!

Enjoy Life More

Thats easy! Take time out for yourself to enjoy Droids famous Angry Birds or Spaghetti Marshmallow games. If gaming isn’t your style, the Droids can always help you stay connected with friends and find local hotspots where you can all meet up to have a great time!

The best of news is that all the apps I have talked about are FREE! So Happy New Year and best of luck on completeing all of your resolutions in 2011! We would love to help get you all the tools you need.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless


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