New Upgrade Policy

25 Jan

So there have been plenty of rumors circulating lately regarding the changes to Verizon Wireless’s upgrade policy. To clear them up I would like to explain what will now be in effect for the Verizon customers.

Every Verizon customer will still have an upgrade 20 months into their contract. You do not have to wait until your contract is fully expired to get a new device.

Previously, primary lines on Family Plans and/or lines billing out at over $59.99 would receive annual upgrades after the first year of their contract. These will no longer be available. The only upgrade option will be at the 20 month point.

These same lines also had the option of waiting until the 20 months into their contract. If they upgraded after that time, they would receive  a New Every Two credit toward their device. The NE2 amounts were either $30 or $50. These credits will no longer be available.

The plan took effect on January 16th. If you had upgraded before this date you will still have your annual upgrade or NE2 available to you. If you had these items available to use on your account and you hadn’t taken advantage of them, please check with one of the stores as to how long you have to use the upgrades, becuase their is a expiration on the offers.

However, our phones are always offered at great pricing and we can try to make a great deal with you for a new device when you are upgrading. Every line on the account will still receive an upgrade, it may just be at a different time than previously used.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this policy change, please stop into one of our locations in Enfield, Ellington, Vernon or Stafford Connecticut.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless

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