LOL With Our Customers

04 Feb

We had a visit from a Mrs. Smyth last night at our Enfield location. She came in for a look over her account and bill and also to get some info on the cell lingo. While she was here, she was assisted by Jason, a sales associate. One of the topics of discussion was how to use the term “LOL” . Jason explained that it means “Laugh Out Loud” and that it is used when people are texting to each other to show that the recipient thinks something is funny.  After getting everything sorted, Mrs. Smyth felt she had a much better understanding of her Verizon account and how to use and texting terms.

A few moments after she had headed out, Jason and I were working on a different task when he looks up to see that Mrs. Smyth has gotten her truck stuck in the snow and ice in our parking lot. Of course we aren’t ones to leave our customers stranded so we rush outside to assist. Mr. Smyth has arrived with a second pick-up truck to pull her out. They have a strap tied to the back-end of each and are starting to pull but Mrs. Smyths’ tires are just spinning and digging in deeper to the ice.

I pointed Jason toward the front of the truck and stated that we should rock it backward to help it grab better traction and help get her on the way. Within a few moments of starting to push, the truck backs out and she is freed from the ice. She smiles to us with a surprised face that she is now out of the icy space. We stand back to make sure she can fully pull out and she stops to roll down her window.

With a big smile on her face she exclaims, “Jason this is NOT LOL”. Of course all of us begin to laugh at her new-found use of the term and the happy outcome of the situation.

Our Express Wireless team loves our customers and would always be happy to help you with your wireless needs. We are happy to go above and beyond to help, it never just stops when you exit the store. Our customers are friends and we are there for you. How can we do more for you? Feel free to let us know!

– Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless


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