Flipswap Your Phone

19 Feb

There are two kinds of cell phone shoppers. Yup, just two. Which kind are you?

The first group is the ones who come in to get a new phone only when theirs is broken or no longer works properly. Often they choose something similar to what they had before or take a leap to a more advanced device. They become content with the type of phone that they have and don’t really want anything different. They may feel intimidated by new technology because they don’t understand this fast changing market and all of the techy terms thrown around.

The second group is the people who can hardly wait until their next upgrade. They have to have the newest device as soon as it hits the shelves. This group embraces all the new things they can do with more advanced equipment and finds value in all of the features and benefits.

However, what is the biggest issue for both these groups?  What do you do with the old equipment? You might have spent a good amount of money on your previous device but, now you have to worry about trying to sell it, giving it to a friend or sticking it in an old drawer to collect dust.

Express Verizon now has the solution for all of our shoppers looking to get a great deal and prevent all of the outdated, possibly expensive equipment from just taking up space in their homes. With our new flipswap program, we will professionally estimate the trade in value of your phone and offer you that amount in store credit towards the purchase of your new device. No more wasted phone clutter.

People from the first group can rest assured they get the most for their money. If there is still some value in their current phone, they can roll it over toward their upgrade. This way they know that they got everything from the phones they pay for.

For the group that wants to keep up with the technology trends, you no longer have to worry about all of the advanced devices you have bought previously. Just trade ’em in for the next newest device! Bring in your phone today to find out what new device you can get.

Happy shopping and happy flipswapping!

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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