Never Lose an Evernote

19 Apr


I must admit that I am an offender of jotting important things down on a sheet of paper and then completely forgetting where I left the paper for ‘safe keeping’. This is where my Droid has stepped up to save the day once again. I have tried the common task-list apps and calendar concoctions but, until now we not fully satisfied with the reminders and note keeping, until now.

New York Times recently voted the app Evernote into its Top-Ten list of Apps to have and it is perfectly clear as to why this mobile tool was chosen. In your Evernote account, you can make text notes, save a webpage, save a photo and even grab a screen shot. All items that you add can be tagged and organized into separate notebooks. Everything you have in your notes is processed, indexed and completely searchable. Can’t remember which restaurant served that great dish? At a restaurant, take a picture of the menu and then Evernote will find the item on it you are looking for later via the text in the photo. You can even map and locate where each of your notes was created all over the world. Create an account for yourself on Evernote and you will be able to access all of your notes from other devices; you never have to stress about trying to remember an important piece of information.

Mashable reports that the newest version released for Androids trumps all previous editions, including the current iPhone edition. You are now free to share your notes by posting them on Facebook or Twitter. Protect and lock your notes via a PIN and use the onscreen widget to control your Evernote notes with one touch. Perhaps the best part of the improved Evernote is the ability for users to access, view and edit notebooks that have been shared with them. The new concept is to grant people a place to combine their personal and  social memories.

So if you would like to find an easier way to keep tabs on all your information and share what you find with others, Evernote on Android is absolutely the first one to try. If you do, feel free to let me know what you think.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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