A New Go-Go-Gadget

21 Apr

Express Verizon is presenting a new solution to help with what can be the most difficult parts of owning your phone. ZOMM is a small tool equipped to assist you in numerous ways and fits nicely on your key ring. It has won a prestigious innovation award at the world’s largest electronic show and we are happy to offer it to our customers.

Have you ever left your cell phone behind at home or somewhere else you were visiting? ZOMM will alert you that your phone is not with you so that you can retrieve it, possibly preventing loss of information or potential theft of your device.

With your phone linked to the gadget, you can use it as a bluetooth speakerphone. If your phone receives a call while you are driving, you do not have to search around to find it. The ZOMM will notify you and allow you to take the call through the key chain so that you can safely keep your eyes on the road.

ZOMM can even act as a personal safety device. If you feel you may be in danger, the ZOMM can sound a panic alarm and dial emergency assistance with the push of a button. The time you save getting help could make a huge difference; don’t waste the time fumbling for your phone.

This is the next level for bluetooth gadgets. It may be time to upgrade to one that will not only assist with your calls but also keep you from losing your phone and be an aid in the case of an emergency.  Though it is small, the ZOMM is capable of vibration, lights and audio alarms to ensure that you are always safe and connected.

For more information, stop into one of our stores in Enfield, Ellington, Vernon, or Stafford CT

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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