Amazon Offers An Alternative Market

22 Jun

The Android Marketplace isn’t the only place you can shop for great applications. Did you know there is yet another place you can get awesome apps for your Droid? Amazon created its own version of an App Store and opened it for users this past March. After reviewing the store myself, I would recommend it as an alternative shopping destination on your Droid.

Every day Amazon offers a “Free App of the Day” where an app that usually has a cost to download, is given away for free. I personally enjoy checking the app each day to see what the offer is and whether it is something that I would like to have on my device.

Another extra feature presented in the Amazon App Store are the personalized software recommendations. Based on programs you have previously downloaded or viewed from them, the Amazon App Store will create a list of items that you might like. It makes it easy to find more programs that are geared toward what you like or use.

Not sure if you are going to like an app that you are thinking of buying? The other markets allow you to download free trials or “lite” versions of some apps but, Amazon takes it one step further by letting you “Test Drive” many of their paid applications. The trial can be accessed via a desktop PC using an in-browser, emulated Android device to help decide whether to purchase the app for your phone.

Setting up Amazon App Store does take a few steps of verification if you don’t currently have your free Amazon account established. The only downfall that I found with the shopping arena was that you are required to have a payment source on file with them. Not too big of a deal if you already have that set up or you only plan to order free items. However, once it is running, it is worth the time of creating the account.

You can run this market from your phone while still retaining the Android Marketplace. Now you have the option to shop and compare to find the perfect apps that are right for you.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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