Autocorrect….A Love/Hate Relationship

09 Aug

More and more people are using their cell phones to connect all aspects of their lives. We rely on our devices to keep us in contact with family, friends and work relationships. There is a sincere trust we instill in the equipment to get our messages across. The trouble is, how accurately our messages flowing?

With all of the variable ways to communicate: voice calls, text messaging, emails, instant messaging, etc. that you can do from your phone, we are now using more text formats to talk. But, how accurately are we speaking? Devices are created based on the idea that they are available to make our daily lives easier. They try to perform actions for us to make us do as little work as possible when using them. Autocorrect is your phones way of predicting what you are trying to write so that you don’t have to type as much and so that the words you use are spelled correctly.

Here lies the issue, we have become so accustomed to abbreviations and shortened phrases that our phones can’t understand the short hand that we now use. When we try to put in certain phrases that aren’t recognized your phone chooses what it thinks you are saying and inputs its best guess into your message. If you don’t catch the change before it is sent, you may have a very confused recipient. On the other hand, many times we rely on this program to improve our messages. A smart device will know how to correctly dictate our speech so that we don’t send out incorrect text and look less intelligent.

Personally, I have had many occasions where I have sent texts with autocorrected words that were far from corrected.  It is recognized as a humor in our society, as demonstrated in websites that are dedicated to demonstrating the hilarious messages that have been sent to others. Regardless of the issue of falsely adjusted messages, I believe that I rely on autocorrect to shorten my typing time and catch spelling errors more than I find a burden from its errors.

To help lessen the chances of incorrect autocorrect, check if your phone can let you edit or add to the user dictionary. That way, it will recognize your phrases instead of always trying to change them from what you are trying to say.

Let us know what you think of autocorrect and any help or harm it may have caused you.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon

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