12 Mar

Phone use while driving has been a growing problem. There are many applications available to aid in the prevention of phone related driving collisions. Safely Go is an excellently designed app that encompasses all the features necessary when avoiding the temptation of using your phone when behind the wheel.
The creators of this program understand that it is unrealistic to remove yourself from all contact while on the go. They allow calls and texts from only 3 “VIP” contacts such as your family or boss. All others will receive an automatic text response that you are currently driving safely. When activated, the phone will enable bluetooth for connection to handsfree devices. Lastly, you would only have access to your top three driving related apps, such as maps or navigation tools.
Safely go can be used in situations other than while driving. Use it during any opurtunity where you don’t want to be bothered such as meetings and dinner with friends.
Many people think they have control over their vehicle even while operating thier cellphones. However, time after time they have proven to be more dangerous than expected. Travel responsibly and free from cellular distractions with Safely Go.

Go Safe With Safely Go

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