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Droid Does Valentines Day

We all know that Valentines Day can be a bit difficult, having to plan a special day and put together all of the details. Your Droid Smartphone can help.  I’m not just talking about changing your ringtone and setting up a sweet wallpaper. All of your plans for the day are covered here; might even help you save a little money at it.

Here’s your checklist:

  • Valentine Card
  • Chocolates
  • Gift
  • Dinner

Considering that you have probably waited until the last minute to get all of these parts accomplished, I’ll show you how easy it can be when you have a little help from your apps. Lets start with the romantic card. E-Cards is an app that lets you create a virtual card to sent to that special someone. Share your card with them via email, Twitter, or Facebook.  You can even use pictures from your owns phone gallery to completely personalize the message.

Chocolates are fairly simple. Use the Walgreens or CVS apps to check for coupons and nearby locations to quickly stop in for sweets. We can still help you if you want to take it one step further. Find Chocolate! is your personal guide to all fine chocolate shops. It uses your location to find all the nearby gourmet chocolate shops and provides a map showing how to get to them.  Check other users ratings of the shops and get the best candies for your love.

If you’re really looking to impress this Valentines Day you may be thinking of something a little more sparkly to give her. First place to check would be the Jewelry Finder app. This will show you the best deals for online jewelry shopping. Searches hundreds of classified websites and online marketplaces. Sort by price, location, or type. Even drop gift hints by forwarding listings via Facebook or email.

Doing pretty well, only one more thing to set up, dinner. This may be the easiest part if you have Open Table on your smartphone. Search for restaurants in your area based on price, reviews or cuisine. Results are mapped and show real-time table availability. Even look over the menu to be sure you will both enjoy a meal there. If it all looks good, place your reservations directly through the app for free! A confirmation email will be sent to you shortly after. Find the right place, the right meal, and the right reservations all in one place.

So there you are, stop worrying about how you can manage a perfect day for your special someone. All the answers are neatly packaged in your Android Market.

Happy Valentines Day – Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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The Gift For The One Who Has It All

Everyone has that one person on their holiday shopping list; the person who already has everything and you have no clue what to get for them. The answer is simple; a great new Verizon phone or tablet. Instead of buying a simple GPS system for their car, a gaming system, a daily organizer, a gaming system, or an eReader, why not get them one device that does it all?

We have new Android smartphones that will be sure to please any person who is hard to shop for. Have complete access to any information in the palm of your hand with the super-fast HTC Rezound. The new Motorola Razr is smart enough to automatically adapt to your surrounds and incoming information with Smart Actions.

Another popular option is one of our tablets. If there is someone on your shopping list who asked for a new laptop this may be a better choice. Battery life is much better on our Samsung tablet or iPad. Blazing fast Verizon mobile internet will keep them connected where ever they are. Tons of apps are available to download on these super portable, easy to use, masterminds.

I’m sure we can help find something for the person you need a gift for. Lose the stress of holiday gift giving and stop into one of our four locations to find the solution.

– Sarah and your friends at ExpressVerizon


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Express Wireless Helps You Reach Your Resolution

The Express Wireless team would like to wish a happy and safe New Year celebration to you!

Start your year right by committing to your resolution. A Droid smartphone can help you complete any task you set in front of you. Looking at the most common New Year resolutions I will demonstrate what the Droid can do for you.

Get Organized and Stay Focused

Checkitoff is a free app that allows you to streamline your tasks. You can organize to-dos by due date, category and priority. Set reminders and use home screen widgets to keep upcoming tasks on your radar. A space where you can organize all that you want to accomplish and the program will help you follow through.

Get Out Of Debt 


Not only can you find apps to help you manage your bill payments on time and assist you with calculations to finish paying off a debt but there is also a great free app to help you spend less. Money Tips shows you everyday tips to spend less while still doing the things you love. Keep these tips in mind when you want to save some cash.

Quit Smoking

QuitNow! is an amazing tool that helps to guide you through the quitting process. It will display the days you have gone without smoking, the money and time you have saved, and quitting tips. As shown in the picture above it will even show you 9 aspects of your help that you will gradually see improving.

Get In Shape

MyFitnessPal is your all-in-one spot to manage your weight loss. Track your calorie intake, the foods you should eat and fat burned through exercise. There are even more free tools on their website that you can access right from your phone!

Enjoy Life More

Thats easy! Take time out for yourself to enjoy Droids famous Angry Birds or Spaghetti Marshmallow games. If gaming isn’t your style, the Droids can always help you stay connected with friends and find local hotspots where you can all meet up to have a great time!

The best of news is that all the apps I have talked about are FREE! So Happy New Year and best of luck on completeing all of your resolutions in 2011! We would love to help get you all the tools you need.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless


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It’s Better To Shop With Us

Express Wireless is a locally owned authorized Verizon retailer. What does that mean? We are not owned by Verizon, we have a local network of four stores that work together to provide Verizon Wireless products and services to our customers. What we lack in size we make up in efficiency. At Express Wireless, we pride ourselves on our wonderful customer service. We are always willing to go the extra mile and try to ensure that every one of our customers leaves happy. We will never treat you as a number, Express Wireless is interested in knowing the people that come into our stores. The better relationship we have with the people of the community the more we can contribute and better serve each individual.

I understand it seems like you are getting a better deal at a big box store but, most of the time they are just good at concealing hidden costs. With Express Wireless, there are never hidden fees. Regardless of what the other stores are offering we can usually match or exceed thier low prices. Express never charges early upgrade fees and phonebook and photo transfers are free if you get your new phone with us. We do not charge for bluetooth pairing or tutorials on your new devices. These are all costs that you will find in other places. Express Wireless wants our customers to have a good shopping experience.

I, like the other employees at Express Wireless, know my customers. When people arrive at the store, it’s not just a sale. We are excited to continue to meet new people in our communities: Vernon, Stafford, Ellington, and Enfield, Connecticut. Stop by and see what we can do for you.

-Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless


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What To Buy When Buying A Phone

We at Express Wireless understand a phone purchase can be confusing. For many, they haven’t gotten  a new phone for 2 years, so much has changed since the last time you got a new device. How do you know what to buy for accessories? Protection and functionality, those are the main reasons people buy accessories for their cell phones. Being decorative and individualizing your phone are the other causes for purchasing something on the side. Express Wireless understands that it can be difficult to judge what you need to go with your new phone and what you can do without. The challenge is that every phone is different. How do you know what each requires? I will try to categorize as much as possible so you end up with what is right for you.

Getting a car charger for your new device is one of the most important accessories. Why? Well, your gizmo is great but, how awesome will it be if it’s dead and your car breaks down or you get lost? In today’s world, there aren’t any pay-phones in sight; if you need to make a call the cell phone has to be up and running. Luckily, phone chargers are becoming much more universalize. Almost all of the phones out are charged with whats called a micro charger. If you already own one of these from a previous phone it should still be compatible with the new equipment.

Is your phone a touch screen? If so, screen protectors are highly recommended. Losing accessibility to your phone due to wear and tear is very frustrating. Protect your electronic investment. A pack of screen protectors are relatively inexpensive and, for most users will last for a long period of time.

You can find many different cases to keep the rest of your phone safe. The main groups are cases that fit to the phone, pouches that phones slide into, and holsters to hold the phone on your belt. Then it breaks into more subcategories. Every device is different and every person wants to carry their phone in a different way. When you make a purchase in our Express Wireless store, we are happy to go over the options for what you are buying and they ways that you can encase  it. It is important to keep the phone in some kind of case, not only for the convenience of carrying it but, phones will break if they are not protected correctly. Remember, this is a piece of equipment that we carry with us every day! It comes into contact with all sorts of trouble and needs to be shielded from being snapped, cracked, dropped, or broken.

Bluetooth is a critical component. Driving and talking on the phone is dangerous. Bluetooth devices are mostly universal and come in all kinds of styles. They aren’t as expensive as they used to be and tend to work much better. The tickets for driving while on your phone are more expensive than most of our Bluetooths. You don’t have to carry it everywhere with you, leave it in the car for when you need it, only occasionally taking it out for charging. Some people also use them for when they are working on a project that requires their hands. This way, the earpiece can increase your productivity.

Some people like to get spare batteries for their phones at purchase. Not a bad idea because by the time the battery really does stop working, we might not carry that model any more and it can be more difficult to track down a battery to replace yours. If you haven’t purchased a backup power source, don’t worry too much. If we do not have one in stock, Express Wireless is happy to special order a replacement.

After these main categories, there may be specific items that work well with your particular phone. For expample, many devices in the Droid lineup have an optional car mount to use when utilizing the GPS or multimedia mounts for use as a media gallery and alarm clock.

Don’t forget to have fun with your new phone! Buy a colorful case, personalize it, make it your own!  Make sure you check out the options when purchasing a phone. Often, the Express Wireless team in Enfield, Ellington, Stafford or Vernon, Connecticut can work out a deal for accessories at the time of purchasing a phone. Know what is offered and ask one of our team members why it would be important to have for your new phone.

Happy Shopping!

– Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless


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Come join us for our company wide open house! All four Express Wireless stores will be offering coffee and treats. We are excited to meet with all of the people from our areas. If you haven’t come to visit us yet, today would be a great day to meet the Express Wireless team in your neighborhood! Bring in one of our advertisements from the reminder describing the offer and you can claim a FREE BLUETOOTH!

It’s an excellent day to work on your holiday shopping. We can help you get the gift anyone would love: a great new phone or device!

Enfield: 549 Hazard Ave.

Ellington: 175 West Rd.

Stafford: 87 West Stafford Rd.

Vernon: 435 Hartford Tpke.

We look forward to seeing you today!


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