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New Share Everything Plans

Customers have been asking for family data plans for their smartphones, and Verizon Wireless has answered. The new Share Everything Plans put all of your devices in one easy package. Have all of your smartphones, basic phones, internet cards, and tablets in one bundle. All packages include unlimited minutes and texting. The only thing you have to choose is how much data your lines would like to share.

There are plans available for customers with basic phones only who don’t want any internet packages. For people who have data devices, you can choose whether you want to share 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 GB between all of your lines. With these plans, Mobile Hotspot is now free to use on any capable devices. Share your data allowance with anything that is wi-fi capable, such as laptops or MP3 players.

Verizon is planning on releasing these new plans officially on June 28th. Ask a sales rep at your nearest Express Verizon location in Ellington, Enfield, Vernon, or Stafford CT, how these plans would work for you.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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Thunderbolt A Hero

One of the Express Verizon employees shared this story with me. It goes to show that even if you think you may not want something, who really knows until they really need it?

On 4-6-11, the internet servers at Bioworks Inc. crashed. Without an online connection the company’s ability to ship, manufacture and take orders were crippled. This company is set up so that all of their network is cloud based on the internet, any kind of internal hiccup or online connection problem will shut down the company while it gets sorted out. In the past, these downtimes would last, on average, a few hours at a time and had the potential to cost the company tens of thousands of dollars.

This would have been the case yesterday, if not for one of the technical managers and his new phone. Recently, he had upgraded to the HTC Thunderbolt which has a Wireless Hotspot feature (which is an included feature to try on the Thunderbolt until May 15th of this year).  By having the ability to connect up to five of their computers to the internet via the Thunderbolt, the company was able to keep their systems online and functioning for the duration of the system outage. The sales and shipping managers reported that no sales were lost or failed to be shipped on time.

Another business solution presented to you with a phone that knows no boundaries.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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