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Pre-order Your Galaxy S III

A hot new phone is just about to hit the market with some extreme specs. The Galaxy S III is the new device boasting Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, software. Your features, apps, and pictures will be clear and easy to see with the 4.8″ HD display. Photos will be taken with ease with the 8 Mega Pixel rear camera with zero shutter lag.

Most intriguing of all is the new Smart Stay feature. With this, your screen display will remain bright as long as you’re looking at the phone. No more screen blacking out while you’re trying to read an e-book or message. Set it down, and the screen dims instantly. The front facing camera can identify your eyes and when they are looking at the phone. This gadget of genius will recognize how your using your phone and provides a bright display accordingly.

The intuitive traits don’t stop at the screen illumination. S Voice will let your Galaxy S III to listen and respond to your words. Tell it to wake up, snooze, take a photo, answer a call, send a text, or even play a favorite song.

Still not impressed? What if you were having a text conversation and decided you would rather call the person? Simply lift the phone to your ear when you are in the text conversation and it automatically dials their number. The Direct Dial grants you quick access to alternate forms of communication.

This is a whole new level of cell phone intelligence. Although the model is not currently released, it will be out soon. You can even pre-order one now! Stop into any Express Verizon in Ellington, Enfield, Vernon or Stafford to set up your order.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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Conserve Your Battery

During the ongoing power outage many are struggling to maintain a safe level of power in their cell phone battery. It is important to have the ability to send and receive phone calls during the state of emergency. Here are some ways to improve the longevity of your power for your basic or smartphone.

Obviously, the most effective way to save battery is to turn the phone off. Unless you have to use your device as an alarm clock, make sure you turn your phone off at night. Most likely you won’t be using your phone during this time so shut it off to conserve. A battery will still drain a very small amount with the phone off. In real emergency instances remove the battery from the phone completely to hold the most power in the battery.

If you are in an area that receives poor signal either shut off the phone or put it in airplane mode to prevent constant searching for a better link to the towers. There are tools that can boost signal in certain locations if they are places that you often need to have use of your phone.

Although vibrate can be a helpful feature to use when you don’t want your phone making a lot of noise, it uses a larger amount of power than when you have it set to ring. Turn off the vibrate as a ring or notification alert and also turn off the vibrate feedback that occurs on touchscreen phones when you select an item on the screen.

The larger the screen is on your phone, the more power is dispersed to it to keep it lit up. If possible, turn off the backlight or turn down the amount of time that the keyboard or screen stays lit up after being used. Use a darker, if not black, image as your background wallpaper. It uses much less power than lighting up the screen brightly. Reduce the brightness of the screen on smartphones and don’t use live wallpapers. These are constantly running programs and although they aren’t performing large tasks it is still constantly running and using unnecessary battery percentages.

Avoid the use of unnecessary features. The flash on your phone’s camera uses more power than any other feature. Turn off all other features and try not to use your phone for anything other than calls or text messages. Don’t use it for gaming or music applications. If you do stream any video or music make sure that you fully close out the program when you are finished. Turn off WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth functions unless you need to use them and then turn them after you are completed with them. Most phones also have an option to turn off the internet connection. This will prevent automatic updates and stop your phone from constantly searching for a strong internet connection as well as a voice signal.

Keep your calls short. It does use more battery to be running a phone call and maintain the connection for you to converse. When possible, use a short text message instead or limit your talk time.

Many phone have a ‘battery save’ mode. They often don’t equip themselves or only turn on when you are already very low on battery power. Check the phones Settings menu for the option to turn on the feature manually. This will help turn off background programs. Avoid third-party task managers. The task killers built into the phones basic software will work better with your phone and use less power than running another program to do the work.

The Express Verizon team understands how important it is to be able to stay in contact during power outages. All four of our stores are open to help you stay in contact. Come in to charge your phone or use our WiFi. Check out what products we have to help with maintaining battery life and keep you and your phone up and running.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon






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Autocorrect….A Love/Hate Relationship

More and more people are using their cell phones to connect all aspects of their lives. We rely on our devices to keep us in contact with family, friends and work relationships. There is a sincere trust we instill in the equipment to get our messages across. The trouble is, how accurately our messages flowing?

With all of the variable ways to communicate: voice calls, text messaging, emails, instant messaging, etc. that you can do from your phone, we are now using more text formats to talk. But, how accurately are we speaking? Devices are created based on the idea that they are available to make our daily lives easier. They try to perform actions for us to make us do as little work as possible when using them. Autocorrect is your phones way of predicting what you are trying to write so that you don’t have to type as much and so that the words you use are spelled correctly.

Here lies the issue, we have become so accustomed to abbreviations and shortened phrases that our phones can’t understand the short hand that we now use. When we try to put in certain phrases that aren’t recognized your phone chooses what it thinks you are saying and inputs its best guess into your message. If you don’t catch the change before it is sent, you may have a very confused recipient. On the other hand, many times we rely on this program to improve our messages. A smart device will know how to correctly dictate our speech so that we don’t send out incorrect text and look less intelligent.

Personally, I have had many occasions where I have sent texts with autocorrected words that were far from corrected.  It is recognized as a humor in our society, as demonstrated in websites that are dedicated to demonstrating the hilarious messages that have been sent to others. Regardless of the issue of falsely adjusted messages, I believe that I rely on autocorrect to shorten my typing time and catch spelling errors more than I find a burden from its errors.

To help lessen the chances of incorrect autocorrect, check if your phone can let you edit or add to the user dictionary. That way, it will recognize your phrases instead of always trying to change them from what you are trying to say.

Let us know what you think of autocorrect and any help or harm it may have caused you.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon

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Be Advised Of Premium Messaging

Have you ever seen those commercials stating “text ### to 55555 for free ringtones”? Viewer beware, there is fine print at the bottom of the ads. Try to look into what their terms are before accepting the offer. What many of these companies do is subscribe you to receive messages from them every month. If it is a monthly subscription, premium messaging systems charge you between $1.00 to  $10.00/ month. The Express Wireless team would like to give you some information on premium messaging so you know what to look for if you wish to avoid these charges.

How do you get premium messaging?

  • Interactive voting during TV shows
  • Purchase of content such as ringtones or wallpapers
  • Weather alerts, sport score alerts, horoscopes, etc.
  • Trivia subscriptions
  • Sign up to receive a certain amount of ringtones or other content per month
  • Websites that request your cell phone number to “get results” of a quiz

How do you know if you are signed up for a premium message service?

  • If you are receiving text messages from a four to six digit phone number it may be a premium messaging service. This does not include messages sent from Verizon Wireless letting you know about plan changes or account information.

How do you stop a subscription?

  • When you receive a message from the service write down the number that it was sent to your phone from
  • Compose a new text message on the cell phone that is receiving the unwanted messages
  • Make the text message addressed to the same 4 to 6 digit number that you wrote down
  • In the body of the message type stop. If your phone is set up to include a personalized signature with your text messages, turn it off before sending.
  • Send the message to the 4 to 6 digit number.
  • You should receive one last message from the premium message service stating that your subscription has been ended.

If you wish to prevent premium messaging on your phone lines we can place a block to prevent unwanted charges. For any additional help, stop in to any of our locations in Enfield, Stafford, Ellington or Vernon Connecticut.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless


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