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What are QR Codes?

Over the past year barcodes like the one shown above have become much more popular.  Although may have seen them on television, magazines, postcards, and the internet, I feel like there has not been a proper introduction between these helpful codes and the general public. So,  public, these are QR Codes. They are a more advanced form of barcode that can be scanned in using your smartphone’s camera to retain the information in them.

Shown above is an image of my Express Verizon business card. We have implemented the use of QR Codes to help others easily gather our contact information into their mobile devices instead of having to manually enter all of the details. That small barcode contains my name, company name, store address, store phone number, my email address, and even the company website address.

QR codes are often used in many marketing campaigns to help people find an easy way to get more information regarding their products or events. Some new advancements are to include a company’s logo into the barcode image, making it easier for the user to understand what kind of information they will receive from the code.

Not all smartphones come equipped with a program to decode these images but, it is simple to download an app from the market that can turn your device into a scanning machine. Some of the more popular apps are Barcode Scanner or ScanLife Barcode Reader. I personally use QR Droid on my HTC Incredible 2 which has worked very well for me. It even has an option for me to generate my own codes containing the information of my choice.

I am sure that now that you have a better understanding of these interesting codes you will start noticing them in all kinds of different media. Try scanning some yourself to see what kind of information you can uncover.

If you have any questions or would like some assistance on how to scan QR Codes stop into one of our locations and we would be happy to help.

-Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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