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Get Your iPhone 5 First

Any one who has heard anything about technology lately will know that the iPhone 5 was just officially released.    Usually, after about a week following the Apple announcement, you will finally have the opportunity to place your pre-order for the new device. Express Verizon is happy to grant you the golden ticket. Starting tomorrow, 200,000 devices country-wide will be released for pre-order. Skip the waits and long lines that are expected at the corporate locations and put your name on the newest, hottest new iPhone first!

The new device is lighter and has a larger screen. It also now runs on 4G internet and boasts iOS 6. The phone will be able to hold up to the higher demands with a stronger processor and longer battery life.

Express Verizon will be opening early at 7:30 am to allow for maximum time to place orders before they are all claimed. Call any of our locations for more information. See you there!

-Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon 


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New Share Everything Plans

Customers have been asking for family data plans for their smartphones, and Verizon Wireless has answered. The new Share Everything Plans put all of your devices in one easy package. Have all of your smartphones, basic phones, internet cards, and tablets in one bundle. All packages include unlimited minutes and texting. The only thing you have to choose is how much data your lines would like to share.

There are plans available for customers with basic phones only who don’t want any internet packages. For people who have data devices, you can choose whether you want to share 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 GB between all of your lines. With these plans, Mobile Hotspot is now free to use on any capable devices. Share your data allowance with anything that is wi-fi capable, such as laptops or MP3 players.

Verizon is planning on releasing these new plans officially on June 28th. Ask a sales rep at your nearest Express Verizon location in Ellington, Enfield, Vernon, or Stafford CT, how these plans would work for you.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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Androidify Yourself

As we have mentioned before, the Express Verizon team loves to find apps on our Droid phones to help us with productivity and staying connected, but on occasion we also love to find programs that are simply for fun.

The app we are playing with this week is Androidify. This program allows you to create your own versions of the little green Android icon that we have grown to know so well. With the app, you can change skin color (because most of us are not naturally green), hair style and choose your outfit. When you have finished your Droid creation you can even share your character on Facebook or through email. See what you and your friends can come up with and what you would look like as a Droid. Shown here is my own Droid to represent myself and, yes, it has already been posted on my Facebook.  

Make creations that are funny or crazy or use your characters as fun self images on your networking accounts. We all know that the Android OS is super powerful. Why not include yourself as a Droid to show your support of these great devices.

Stop into one of our locations to learn more about fun or functional apps.

-Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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New Verizon Data Plans

I’m sure that most of you who have been following the Verizon Wireless news are already aware that the mobile data plans have had some adjusting. Starting on July 7th, there are now three data packages to choose from regarding the internet usage on your smartphone.

If you decide to upgrade to a smartphone, you now have the option of 2GB, 5GB or 10GB of internet usage plans. To help you make this decision we can discuss what amount of internet each would include for you to use. Below are some monthly activity examples of what the plans would include for you for each month.

  • 2 Gigabytes is an estimated one thousand emails, about 100 internet pages, 20 hours of streaming radio music, two hours of high-resolution video streaming, AND the upload or download of about 20 pictures.
  • 5 Gigabytes gives you about 2000 emails, 150 web pages, 25 hours of radio streaming, 9 hours of high-resolution video streaming, AND the usage to upload/download 50 pictures.
  • 10 Gigabytes allows you to send or receive about 4000 emails per month, browse 300 web pages, stream 50 hours worth of internet radio, stream 18 hours of high-resolution video, AND share about 100 pictures on the internet.

Ninety-six percent of Verizon customers who use our smartphones do not exceed 2GB of mobile internet usage. So for most people, the 2GB tier will be most appropriate. If you unsure of how much you may use or think that you might be a heavier internet user, I recommend that you start with a larger data package to avoid overage and you can later drop down to a lower bundle if you aren’t using the full amount.

If you had a smartphone on your Verizon line prior to the changes on July 7th you will still have your unlimited data package unless you move to a feature phone or anything other than a smartphone device.

For more information on Verizon smartphones, data plans, or changes in the Verizon packages, stop into any of our four locations and we would be happy to help you find what would be best for you.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon





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What are QR Codes?

Over the past year barcodes like the one shown above have become much more popular.  Although may have seen them on television, magazines, postcards, and the internet, I feel like there has not been a proper introduction between these helpful codes and the general public. So,  public, these are QR Codes. They are a more advanced form of barcode that can be scanned in using your smartphone’s camera to retain the information in them.

Shown above is an image of my Express Verizon business card. We have implemented the use of QR Codes to help others easily gather our contact information into their mobile devices instead of having to manually enter all of the details. That small barcode contains my name, company name, store address, store phone number, my email address, and even the company website address.

QR codes are often used in many marketing campaigns to help people find an easy way to get more information regarding their products or events. Some new advancements are to include a company’s logo into the barcode image, making it easier for the user to understand what kind of information they will receive from the code.

Not all smartphones come equipped with a program to decode these images but, it is simple to download an app from the market that can turn your device into a scanning machine. Some of the more popular apps are Barcode Scanner or ScanLife Barcode Reader. I personally use QR Droid on my HTC Incredible 2 which has worked very well for me. It even has an option for me to generate my own codes containing the information of my choice.

I am sure that now that you have a better understanding of these interesting codes you will start noticing them in all kinds of different media. Try scanning some yourself to see what kind of information you can uncover.

If you have any questions or would like some assistance on how to scan QR Codes stop into one of our locations and we would be happy to help.

-Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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Travel Smarter With Tripit

Express Verizon would like to help you stay organized with all of your travel plans. With your smartphone you can download an amazing app called Tripit. This program will turn all your away from home plans into a simple to understand itinerary.

This app will merge all of your travel plans into an  easy to understand planner. Best of all, you can forward all of your confirmation emails to and it will extract your flight, rental car, and hotel information to enter the need to know data into your Tripit account. Check directions to all of your locations and track when your meetings and meals are scheduled while you are out of your home area. You would even have access to share your travel information with others who need to know.

The basic app is free to download on the Android Market. The frequent traveler should consider upgrading to Tripit Pro for a small monthly subscription fee. Benefits of the Pro version include:

  • Instant mobile alerts such as flight delays, cancellations, and gate changes.
  • Find alternative flights fast with the flight status and available seating.
  • A point tracker can keep track of your frequent travel rewards accounts in one place.

No longer worry about sudden changes in your itinerary or a loss of some of your confirmation information. Your trips will be organized and although you may be working, the travel doesn’t always have to be a hassle.

Express Verizon would like to wish you happy travels. Please contact us if we can help you in establishing this application on your smartphone or if you need assistance in determining your phones global capabilities for traveling outside of the country.

-Sarah and your friends from Express Verizon




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What Would You Like To Know?


We at Express Verizon understand that the whole wireless industry can be confusing. We have constant training to keep up with all the changes in the field and emerging communication technology. So why should we assume that you understand all of it?

Our customers know we are here to answer your questions. We just hosted our first Smartphone Training Night were people who owned or are thinking about getting Blackberrys or Droids can come to learn about the phones. We had a great turnout! Smartphone nights will be held on the first Thursday of every month and are open for any one to attend.

You should never feel confused or intimidated by the phone you have now or one you may be thinking of getting. No matter the question, feel free to ask. Stop in to any of our locations in Enfield, Ellington, Vernon, or Stafford to get all the answers for your wireless concerns.

If you can’t make it in, you may also send in questions on our Facebook page.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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