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iPhone Warning

After a warning from prominent hacker, pod2g, Apple is warning iPhone users to be wary of messages being received via SMS. According to the source, a flaw in Apples software allows other hackers to change the appearance of incoming messages. Do not trust that new messages are coming from a well-known source. The hackers can use the flaw in software to change the phone number that the text appears to be coming from.

As of now, there doesn’t seem to be an immediate source for worry. Just be sure to pay attention and be cautious if you receive any text messages on your iPhone asking for any sensitive information. You cannot always be positive that what you are sending is being sent to an intended recipient.

Another way to protect yourself from hackers is to use the iMessage system. Apple has suggested to use this as your preferred messaging program because the senders information is verified, which prevents from these kinds of attacks.

Apple does take security for its users very seriously and are working to resolve the gap in information protection  in the iOS.

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Are You On Voxer?

Over the last few months, we have seen an app called Voxer grow in download popularity. In short, it is a walkie-talkie application for both Android and Apple smartphones. But, it really does pack a lot more than just that.

As soon as you set up the app on your phone, you will see that the layout is clean and easy to use. It automatically pulls in your Facebook friends and contacts that are using Voxer so that you can start chatting with them at the push of a button. You will also be notified as soon as another one of your connected friends joins the Voxer network. Also suggest the app to any of your other contacts.

You can chat with one other person or a group but, the most useful part is the versatility of how you can talk. Send a text message, a photo, or a voice note. The messages you send can include your current location on google maps. This could come in very useful if you are trying to meet with someone else; you no longer have to write out where you are and how to get there. For privacy, this is also a function you can disable.

Texting had become a huge part of the current communication, Voxer doesn’t take away from that but, reintegrates walkie-talkie use that you aren’t constantly stuck typing in messages to your phone. Talk to the people on your Facebook easily while also sending photos and location information.

Voxer is free to use and free of advertisements. Making it even more easy and enjoyable to use. For more information on Voxer and how to use it, stop into any of our stores in Ellington, Enfield, Vernon, or Stafford.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon


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Autocorrect….A Love/Hate Relationship

More and more people are using their cell phones to connect all aspects of their lives. We rely on our devices to keep us in contact with family, friends and work relationships. There is a sincere trust we instill in the equipment to get our messages across. The trouble is, how accurately our messages flowing?

With all of the variable ways to communicate: voice calls, text messaging, emails, instant messaging, etc. that you can do from your phone, we are now using more text formats to talk. But, how accurately are we speaking? Devices are created based on the idea that they are available to make our daily lives easier. They try to perform actions for us to make us do as little work as possible when using them. Autocorrect is your phones way of predicting what you are trying to write so that you don’t have to type as much and so that the words you use are spelled correctly.

Here lies the issue, we have become so accustomed to abbreviations and shortened phrases that our phones can’t understand the short hand that we now use. When we try to put in certain phrases that aren’t recognized your phone chooses what it thinks you are saying and inputs its best guess into your message. If you don’t catch the change before it is sent, you may have a very confused recipient. On the other hand, many times we rely on this program to improve our messages. A smart device will know how to correctly dictate our speech so that we don’t send out incorrect text and look less intelligent.

Personally, I have had many occasions where I have sent texts with autocorrected words that were far from corrected.  It is recognized as a humor in our society, as demonstrated in websites that are dedicated to demonstrating the hilarious messages that have been sent to others. Regardless of the issue of falsely adjusted messages, I believe that I rely on autocorrect to shorten my typing time and catch spelling errors more than I find a burden from its errors.

To help lessen the chances of incorrect autocorrect, check if your phone can let you edit or add to the user dictionary. That way, it will recognize your phrases instead of always trying to change them from what you are trying to say.

Let us know what you think of autocorrect and any help or harm it may have caused you.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Verizon

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LOL With Our Customers

We had a visit from a Mrs. Smyth last night at our Enfield location. She came in for a look over her account and bill and also to get some info on the cell lingo. While she was here, she was assisted by Jason, a sales associate. One of the topics of discussion was how to use the term “LOL” . Jason explained that it means “Laugh Out Loud” and that it is used when people are texting to each other to show that the recipient thinks something is funny.  After getting everything sorted, Mrs. Smyth felt she had a much better understanding of her Verizon account and how to use and texting terms.

A few moments after she had headed out, Jason and I were working on a different task when he looks up to see that Mrs. Smyth has gotten her truck stuck in the snow and ice in our parking lot. Of course we aren’t ones to leave our customers stranded so we rush outside to assist. Mr. Smyth has arrived with a second pick-up truck to pull her out. They have a strap tied to the back-end of each and are starting to pull but Mrs. Smyths’ tires are just spinning and digging in deeper to the ice.

I pointed Jason toward the front of the truck and stated that we should rock it backward to help it grab better traction and help get her on the way. Within a few moments of starting to push, the truck backs out and she is freed from the ice. She smiles to us with a surprised face that she is now out of the icy space. We stand back to make sure she can fully pull out and she stops to roll down her window.

With a big smile on her face she exclaims, “Jason this is NOT LOL”. Of course all of us begin to laugh at her new-found use of the term and the happy outcome of the situation.

Our Express Wireless team loves our customers and would always be happy to help you with your wireless needs. We are happy to go above and beyond to help, it never just stops when you exit the store. Our customers are friends and we are there for you. How can we do more for you? Feel free to let us know!

– Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless


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Google Gets You The 411 Via Text

Want another way to get the info you need on the go? With 411 calling costs up to $1.99 there has to be an easier way to find this same information regardless of the phone you have. Here is something you can use and all you need on your plan is the ability to send and receive text messages.

Simply text what you are looking (“Express Wireless Enfield Connecticut”) to 46645 and they almost instantly respond with the full name, address and telephone number of the item you had searched.

According to Googles’ Blog: Google SMS is a handy way to, say, get a listing for a nearby restaurant, find the definition of a word, or look up the price of a product, an area code or Zip code. You can even use Google SMS to calculate a tip. If your phone is enabled for text messages, just send your query to this 5-digit US shortcode: 46645 (GOOGL on most phones). Your query results are sent as text messages, not links. Learn more about using Google SMS on our help page or by sending a text message with the word ‘help’ to 46645.

It is said to be a completely free service by Google and through what I checked it does not come up as a Premium Messaging Service. So if you need some quick info on places to go or how to contact them just send a quick text to 46645.

For help or further instructions stop into one of our stores in Enfield, Ellington, Vernon or Stafford Connecticut.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless


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Be Advised Of Premium Messaging

Have you ever seen those commercials stating “text ### to 55555 for free ringtones”? Viewer beware, there is fine print at the bottom of the ads. Try to look into what their terms are before accepting the offer. What many of these companies do is subscribe you to receive messages from them every month. If it is a monthly subscription, premium messaging systems charge you between $1.00 to  $10.00/ month. The Express Wireless team would like to give you some information on premium messaging so you know what to look for if you wish to avoid these charges.

How do you get premium messaging?

  • Interactive voting during TV shows
  • Purchase of content such as ringtones or wallpapers
  • Weather alerts, sport score alerts, horoscopes, etc.
  • Trivia subscriptions
  • Sign up to receive a certain amount of ringtones or other content per month
  • Websites that request your cell phone number to “get results” of a quiz

How do you know if you are signed up for a premium message service?

  • If you are receiving text messages from a four to six digit phone number it may be a premium messaging service. This does not include messages sent from Verizon Wireless letting you know about plan changes or account information.

How do you stop a subscription?

  • When you receive a message from the service write down the number that it was sent to your phone from
  • Compose a new text message on the cell phone that is receiving the unwanted messages
  • Make the text message addressed to the same 4 to 6 digit number that you wrote down
  • In the body of the message type stop. If your phone is set up to include a personalized signature with your text messages, turn it off before sending.
  • Send the message to the 4 to 6 digit number.
  • You should receive one last message from the premium message service stating that your subscription has been ended.

If you wish to prevent premium messaging on your phone lines we can place a block to prevent unwanted charges. For any additional help, stop in to any of our locations in Enfield, Stafford, Ellington or Vernon Connecticut.

– Sarah and your friends at Express Wireless


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